More Than A Social Security Strategy

The SSAnalyzer not only has the most robust engine and detailed logic, it also offers additional tools to differentiate your practice.


Social Security is more than an income stream in retirement. When properly coordinated with other assets in the portfolio, it can result in more money for your clients. The right claiming strategy combined with a tax-efficient strategy on how and when to tap the assets can mean savings lasts up to 10 years longer.

Your Premier subscription includes the COORDINATE Tab that demonstrates the portfolio longevity increase that might be possible by coordinating Social Security with a tax-efficient withdrawal strategy.


Life expectancy is the pivotal factor in strategy creation now that the rules have changed.

Perform detailed analysis on the impact of life expectancy on a claiming strategy for benefits using our patented Social Security Zone™. With the SSZone™ it’s possible to see when one strategy starts and stops being optimal based on life expectancy. For many clients, living a single year more or less than projected can mean a substantially different strategy is best.


Determine an accurate estimate of clients’ benefits based on both past and future earnings and benefit start date. Simply enter the earnings history to determine PIA, bend points, AIME, and more.


Calculate a client’s estimated tax liability on Social Security benefits. Tax Predictor calculates the client’s modified adjusted gross income, then applies income thresholds highlighting the lowest approach to taxes.


Unique to SSAnalyzer, the Tax Torpedo Evaluator allows you to determine how withdrawals from savings (IRA, Roth conversions) impact a client’s tax situation by calculating:

  • Marginal tax rate
  • Average marginal tax rate
  • Effective tax rate
  • Taxable Social Security
  • Taxable Social Security percentage
  • Total taxes

A single consolidated view shows you how taxes can “torpedo” a client’s retirement spend-down without sound tax planning.


Illustrate the impact of claiming Social Security early and investing the payments based on rates of return you control. With our Invest Tab you’re able to compare the performance of two claiming strategies over time based on the rate of return you input.