Get more for your advisors from the Social Security Software that has more!

Social Security is complicated with thousands of rules and scenarios. Clients want and need Social Security advice, and surveys indicate they’ll move their assets to someone who can give them the advice they’re seeking. We make it easy for your advisors to be the experts in Social Security claiming that clients need without any extra work all while opening the door for new business.

Get the same market leading, nationally recognized software and service that we offer to individual advisors firm-wide.

With the SSAnalyzer, your company gets:

  • Secure and certified social security claiming software.

  • Peace of mind that your advisors are equipped to provide quality social security advice.

  • Home office compliance controls that allow you to customize features and controls to desired specification.

  • Web-based software that you advisors can access anywhere, anytime.

  • Consistently branded reports that include company-specific information.

  • Single sign on for your advisors.

  • Advance lead generation tools for your advisors.

With the SSAnalyzer, your advisor gets:

  • Optimal Social Security strategies that consider more scenarios than any other software available.

  • Ability to compare and coordinate strategies.

  • Education including webinars, videos, and whitepapers.

  • Professional support from former Social Security Administration representatives, financial planners and other experts for unique cases.

  • Analysis to evaluate the impact of the earnings test, future earnings, COLAs and more.

  • Personalized client reports branded for your company.

  • Ability to easily and clearly communicate advisor alpha, positioning them for more business.

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