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The deadline for the old rules is April 29! Find out how much more money you can get for your clients before time runs out!  
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Even after the rules change,

Social Security is still complicated.

We still make it simple.

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Social Security + Retirement Income

Coordination Helps Your Clients
Get More and Keep More

Patented Social Security Software Helps You

Give Expert Advice

Win New Clients

Get Referrals

How much more can your clients have in retirement with


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Developed by Experts

William Meyer

Bill Reichenstein

Developed by the recognized experts in Social Security and based on research in the Journal of Financial Planning, Journal of Wealth Management and Retirement Management Journal.


“Since implementing the software, we’ve not only deepened the relationships we have with our existing clientele, but we’ve further defined our value proposition for those prospects who are shopping for a new wealth advisor.”

“I just signed a $730k client that started with a Social Security lead. We were able to build a plan for him and looked at the whole picture, from Social Security maximization to his investment portfolio in retirement.”

“Thank you for all the expertise you have provided.  I met with a prospect this week who will now become a client.  Much of the reason was due to the fact that I was able to provide answers to his complex SS questions.  Thank you again.”

“Social Security Solutions has given us the knowledge we need to advise our clients on a complicated issue … how to elect benefits without leaving any money on the table!”
“All I can say is: WOW!”

“Social Security Solutions has helped me navigate through one of the most daunting and frustrating bureaucratic processes known to retirees.”

The Social Security Analyzer makes it easy for you!

Finally software that:



Shows how to add as much as $250,000 to your client's lifetime benefits.


Generates client-ready proposals customizable for your firm.


Compares strategies side-by-side.


Allows you to brand as a retirement income expert.

When you can deliver proven advice that helps clients make financial decisions that impact the rest of their lives, it's easy to acquire more clients and earn introductions to their friends.

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